Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bestema Pants!

Today was a busy day...heck, this weekend was crazy! I painted the back of the garage (after doing a boatload of repair work to replace rotten boards near the foundation), I sewed new curtains for Mom's new room (see butterfly curtains in the picture), and I made Bestema and Nora matching pajama pants.

I made Mom a pair of PJ pants (she likes pants that have deep pockets and she'd stolen a pair of men's pants I had laying around), so when I was at the fabric store I picked out this fabric and had enough to make a pair for Nora too.

I love how Nora isn't so hot on something until she sees it's "just like Mommy's" or "just like Bestema's". How all of the sudden being "just like" a grownup is just the coolest thing in the world -- is just so cute!

When we got to Bestema's house today, Nora was VERY happy to show Bestema her new pants, and show her how they matched!

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