Friday, September 24, 2010

Coast Day

It started out with lunch at Mo's in Lincoln City. Nora and I took off today because Brian didn't get today off due to a leaky fuel tank in Medford at a cell site!

She really enjoyed the kites that were flying -- there were several HUGE ones -- like big-as-your-house kites. Nora liked the crab one that was low to the ground, but there wasn't anybody to tell her not to touch them. ALL of these were just anchored to the ground with these huge supports. Very fun and interesting!

Nora was FASCINATED with the waves. After our week in San Diego (where the water is a tad warmer), Nora loved taunting the waves and trying to get me to run into them. So much so that *I* got wet up to my ZIPPER and I had to grab her a couple of times to keep her from being neck high in the water.

It AMAZED me how many people let their toddlers/small children play in the waves alone. I didn't let go of her hand unless I could see the next wave was teeny!

It was gorgeous out though. There's nothing like 60* weather at the coast on a September day...low wind, the sun finally cracked around noon, and we could all go out and enjoy it!

...and sorry kid, you've got my toes!

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