Monday, September 06, 2010

I Know..I KNOW!

It's been way too long...

Facebook steals way too many pictures and time...and we had a recent vacation to San Diego (where Nora got her first and second ever face paintings!) and we saw some of her very favorite characters from Sesame Street at Sea World.

The week was FABULOUS. We went with Oma and Opa (Brian's parents), and we stayed in a hotel North of town, where we had easy access to all of the sights.

Miss Nora was in heaven, and she did GREAT with her potty training. I actually packed her potty in my checked luggage and she HUGGED IT when it came out at the hotel...

We had a wonderful time, and I WILL blog about some of it soon, but so much is happening this month it's crazy.

I'm going to start nursing school this fall -- as an alternate -- but I've been invited to the first week of classes with the possibility of continuing.

That means I need to shop daycares this week, among many other things...

And Miss Nora's 3rd birthday is coming up!

She can now inform you that's she's TWO, and that her birthday is coming soon and she'll be THREE. And she pulls a cake mix out of the pantry and asks for "Birthday Cake Please."

More soon!

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