Friday, September 10, 2010

Science Girl

Wednesday morning Nora and I woke up with no plans, bad weather, and well, I'm too sore from painting and fixing the back of the house to start my next painting project, so I asked her if she'd like to go to OMSI, and off we went!

It is AMAZING to wait a few months and see how differently she approaches the same places. This time, she played and played with some of the optical exhibits up in the physics area, and even if she won't get the science behind them for years.
In the medical/biology lab, Nora ran for the teddy bear and the doctor outfit, and said "I'm Dr. Altschul" and then later said "I'm nurse Nancy" (the names of her pediatrician and her nurse. Then Nora said "I'm Dr. Nora!"

And just like that, she decided to treat the teddy bear by saying "Checkup!" and using each of the tools the way they were used on her.

Again tonight at Mom's she "played doctor" with a teddy bear too, and today I found a little doctor kit on Amazon and it'll be here in time for her birthday next week!

Our girl is about to turn "THREE!"

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