Friday, September 17, 2010

Nora's 3rd Birthday Party Cake!

I took this idea off the Internet, got the cake topper (a couple of rings with Percy & James and the Thomas train, plus the carnival background).

I bought Bertie The Bus separately and decided to make it their "Great Race".

Nora's so excited about having a "Thomas Cake" and she hasn't seen it yet. DH said "She's going to FREAK!"

I bombed at making a chocolate mousse filling -- twice. So I ended up making a chocolate cream center. The cake itself is white on the bottom, chocolate on top.

Wilton got way too much money out of me for this, but now I have stuff to make more if I ever am crazy enough! LOL

I suck at piping, for the record...And I will now go pour myself a glass of wine.

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