Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summers Coming, RIGHT? Strawberry Season!

It's late, but it's here! And we have "wild" strawberries growing all over the back yard this summer.

It's hard to call this summer summer, despite the fact that tomorrow's the first official day, and usually by now we've had a few 80* days to let us know it's coming.

My wildflower garden I planted has been coming in strong. I put in WAY too many seeds but I didn't have any faith they would grow, and here they are...

This is the spot where our willow tree used to be, and after the dog is gone (someday, not planned at this poing) the fence will come down and I'll put a nice little border in.

So it's late in the season and the strawberries are finally in. Nora's cousin Hannah came over and played with Nora a couple of times this week, because she's heading off to Guatemala soon, and Miriam came over one day too (after a movie, which is another post entirely).

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