Monday, June 21, 2010

Cute Picture of The Day

I tried to get the tent up today to see what shape it's in, and it looks like, even though it's seen better days, that it will make it on our camping trips this summer.

The next couple of nights are going to be very sunny so I'm leaving the tent up in the yard so we can get used to being in it. I'm going to Febreeze the heck out of it, give it some cleaning and of course, a new coating on the rain fly.

Brian got the tent up after work tonight, and Miss Nora moved right in with all her toys. She had so much fun once she was done with dinner and her bath, and Daddy helped set up a "bed" with a pillow and blanket, so she could pretend to sleep there.

We are SO excited that she's old enough to start camping for short trips. Very soon we're going to go up for a one-nighter in the woods, and then we'll be off for a weekend if that works well, and we'll go from there!

Here's to years of happy camping!

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