Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Fine. Great. OK Jenny, This Blog's for YOU! :)

We're doing fine.

Not great: I didn't get the first cut into nursing school, but I'm on a short list of wait-listed students, and will know later this summer what's going on with this fall. If I don't get in this fall, I will next fall.

Not bad, good even!: Nora and I just got back from a long vacation in Sacramento/San Francisco, which was a fantastic break, seeing my beloved Aunt Kathy, her sons and families, and enjoying some really great times traveling!

Not horrible: Miss Nora has "a touch" of bronchitis and an ear infection, which earned her her first non-well-child visit to the pediatrician yesterday. She's on meds and will survive, hopefully...She is SUCH a trooper about being sick. I put my hand on her forehead yesterday for probably the 100th time and she said "I fine Mommy."

But fantastic: Nora's talking more than ever, using full short sentences, our home is a happy one, and our life is overall a good one.

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