Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Father's Day 2010

Brian is well, of course, The Best Daddy in these parts. There's nothing quite like watching him BE a Dad after all we went through to have Miss Nora. For me, it is pure joy as he teaches his daughter about things like moss, or bees, or the joys of strawberries that grow in our back yard.

Today we did a little work this morning, and got the grill cleaned up so we could take off to the park and have a picnic, despite the weather's rather bad prediction of a summer that still hasn't quite shown up.

Rain, mostly this afternoon...and here in Oregon, Rain means Rain. Not sprinkles, not mist. Rain.

So we went to Silver Falls and didn't dawdle too much over our lunch, and Miss Nora escounced herself in a lawn chair, and cuddled with me while Brian got our picnic set up.

OK, the picture looks like he's just sitting around, but he wasn't for long. Brian, as always, takes care of his family and works hard not just at his job, but often takes a second shift when he gets home in order to spend time with us and not just plant himself in front of the tube, as I would at the end of a long workday.

Nope, we work together a lot. I made some mean guacamole, and we ate chips and fed Nora Pirate's Booty while we waited for our bratwursts.

After our picnic, we didn't dawdle much -- just took a nice long walk along the paths and over the creek, and enjoyed a little time in nature. Along with some lost kids from Virginia who kept crossing in front of us, which was can't really get lost in this area, since you can always see cars, but it was cute to see them over and over again as they pleasantly greeted us (again) and said how cute Nora was (again).
Today, as we drove home we marveled at the fact that the rain in Oregon should have let up this time of year, at least a little...and we're SO glad we got the roof done when we did -- during that three day break in the rain last MARCH...

And at the end of the evening, Nora took her card-signing VERY seriously and worked to sign her Father's Day Card to daddy with LOTS of flourish.

Happy Father's Day Brian...this day is extra special to us because of where we've been. We know parenthood isn't easily achieved.

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