Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Miss Nora's cold that started in mid-May didn't go away entirely, then last week she got what sounded like a barky cough. Having had bronchitis before, I figured it was I took her in.

A week later (yesterday) I woke up to her having not only a very wet sounding cough, but a fever of 101.5. I called the doc for advice, and they asked to see her, and we saw a new doctor to us, since Dr. A was booked for the day.

This new doctor prescribed a Z-pack, and it took WELL over an hour in the pharmacy to get it, then on home. By the time we got there, Nora had spiked a fever of 103.6 and was not doing well at all.

I gave her some ibuprofen and waited a bit, and when that didn't work I gave her some Tylenol. STILL I finally put her in a tepid bath, which brought her down to 101.7.

After all that, she rebounded for a bit, and we had about an hour where she was a bouncy little 99.7 degree kid. Mom came over and I went to the store, and by the time I got back, Nora had had some diarrhea (ahhh, antibiotics...) and it wasn't long before her fever spiked up again.

It was a rough night last night, because she was SO sick...By the time I put her down at 8 last night, I couldn't get her fever below 102, but I couldn't give her anything more.

Fortunately, she slept ok, and I checked on her at midnight, 2 and 4 a.m., and she had a fever at midnight, but not at 2, so it broke at some point.

The Z-pack seems to be working, and today she's hungry and has a normal temp. Will have to keep her as inactive as possible, which is a challenge!

The funny thing about yesterday was the doctor trying to chat with Nora, but not waiting at ALL for her to answer, so then she turns to me and asked me if Nora COULD speak, and how well she could be understood. THEN she offered to have Nora's HEARING tested...

Say what?

Apparently mine needed testing too.

I let her know Nora talks plenty -- and quite understandably -- to those she knows, and even better when she's not so sick! It is weird how sometimes people can go on tangents like that!

Here's hoping Miss Nora is better soon!

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