Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Bye Bye Hannah, Loves Me So Much. M."

Miss Nora's cousin Hannah (left, in the photo) just graduated from high school last week, and she and her best friend Ana are taking a gap year to work in Guatemala for Habitat for Humanity.

Nora loves her cousins -- and she's "double cousins" with Hannah and Miriam, and it's always fun to watch her and remember what H & M were like, and wonder out loud about how she looks or acts and how it may or may not be like her older cousins.

Hannah came by this week to see us, and then went with us to the movies. Afterwards the girls came over for some time in the back yard.

We sure will miss her...and we know Hannah will miss Nora. Hopefully she'll be able to keep up on this blog, and we will with hers!

After Hannah left, Nora said "Bye Bye Hannah. Loves me so much, M."

I'm not sure what the M is for. She's been saying that at the end of "Loves me so much."

But it's cute.

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