Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New.

While we were in California last month, my Aunt Kathy and my Mom went in on some new sheets and a new Woody doll for Miss Nora.

I got her the comforter, and this week, after Mom left for vacation and Jeff & Judy moved off their farm, she left her twin trundle bed for Miss Nora.

With the blink of an eye, Miss Nora's crib was out of her room, and her toddler bed went bye-bye too.

We put the mattresses on the floor for now, to get her used to sleeping in it, but that hasn't been a problem at all...

The real problem was trying to find a way to get her very boyish Buzz Lightyear stuff from Toy Story to go with her lavender baby room, and it was a No-Go.

Instead, I decided to sell a bunch of her baby stuff, including her high chair, one of her strollers, and a pack & play, and buy the paint we needed to make her room a little less baby and a little more Big Girl.
And just like that, it's happening.

Miss Nora's sleeping in a big girl bed (tonight in her twin mattresses are on the floor in our room while her room is being painted) and it's like she's always slept that way.

Just this week, she's said the ABC's without any mistakes, jumps into the pool at the Community Center without any fear, and is thrilled that her room will be "New Buzz Colors".

And today she went potty in the potty for ME for the first time (although she's done it for Daddy once or twice before!)

Here comes my little kid, world! No more Baby in this house!

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