Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Girl Bed

The last week or so, Brian and I have been putting Nora to bed with our usual songs and goodnights, but starting out in her "big girl bed", her toddler bed that I bought on Craigslist almost a year ago when she first put her foot up to get out of the crib (then never did again).

Within a few seconds of putting her down, however, I heard her crying and when I went in, she was literally trying to climb into her crib!

Well, tonight, with Daddy gone, I put her down our usual way, starting out in her toddler bed, and I left the room, and stayed nearby so I could transfer her to the crib.

She came out with a book.

I said "No, it's bed time. Do you want to sleep in your crib or the big girl bed?"

"Big Girl Bed" she said.


So I put her down again.

I even peeked in and she was still there 10 minutes later.

Then tonight she was out.

Just like that.

Tonight will be an interesting night! Will leave lights on so she can find our room if she needs it!


And yes, I snuck in and took these photos, with a flash, after she'd been down for a while. :)

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