Monday, December 03, 2007

The Thousand-Word Picture

Nora is 11 weeks today.

I can't believe just how much she's grown. People who don't see her even for a couple of days notice how she grows seemingly overnight.

I used to have trouble believing it, til I took this picture tonight.

We left the hospital with her weighing just over 5 lbs., and here she is in a 6-month outfit (I bought the same one as the preemie sized one), swimming in it for sure, but still able to wear it.

These two outfits on either side of her she absolutely SWAM in in the NICU just 10-11 short weeks ago.

Today she makes eye contact with me, smiles when I sing "I love you" and can sit up assisted of course.

Can you believe it?


Timestep said...

No, I can't believe it!!

What a little cutie. So amazing to realize she is almost 3 mos old.

I was just thinking that last night while looking at her picture on my fridge.

Tammy said...

That is amazing. And it is crazy how they grow. I've often been overwhelmed by how fast... time flies! So glad you are enjoying every minute of your sweet girl!

tims_mom said...

Goodness! She sure is a changing on you! I am always grateful, that I took "monthly" pictures of Tim (around the same time each month). It's astonishing how much difference 1 month makes.

MissHelen said...

Holy Tomato! Miss Nora is growing leaps and bounds. :)
Thanks for posting this picture--it really puts her growth in perspective for me.


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