Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nora's Neglect-O-Matic

The thing most people don't tell you about babies is that they like to be held or doing something a lot during those many hours they're awake, but really they're so small there's only so much tummy time, book reading and interaction you can do.

At some point you have to find something to fill their awake hours that doesn't mark you as a bad parent, gives your arms a break, and you the ability to change the laundry or make the bottles for the next day.

Enter the Neglect-O-Matic.

I resisted buying a swing for Nora, mostly because at first I thought all she wanted was to be held.

Boy was I wrong.

As it turns out, my daughter is just a speed freak.

I envision her standing at the Mind Eraser ride at Six Flags Elitch Gardens in Denver at the age of seven, wishing wishing wishing she was tall enough for the crazy roller coaster ride.

I shelled out $100 for this -- thanks to Aunt Kathy who gave us some money towards whatever we needed for the baby or ourselves.

The Rainforest swing has a rotating mobile, where the leaves go up and down, and 6 different tracks play, from rainforest sounds to lullabies played by a steel drum band, and other more jazzy steel drum music that I'm sure will make Nora have an unexplained penchant for a spring break in Key West. The seat actually rotates so she can swing from side to side or front to back too.

And most importantly, she LOVES it.

I'm blogging this minute because she's in it and enjoying it so much.

It's so much fun to watch her watch the mobile and wiggle and squirm to the music.

"It's like having an extra person in the house to hold her," Brian said the other night.

Yes. Yes it is.

Thank you Fisher Price, and thank you Aunt Kathy!


Teri said...

A baby Beemer.

kellybh said...

Both my kids loved that swing!! Loved it! We had the same one, but with a different theme. We traveled with that sucker, that's how much they loved it!


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