Friday, December 28, 2007

The Cute Blue House At The End of The Street

Brian and I put an offer in on a house in Salem today.

Well, we're about to!

We're drafting the paperwork, and as of today we should be in the process of buying the cute little blue house at the end of the street.

For obvious security reasons, I can't post the link to the house, but you'll have to trust me that it's perfect for us.

It's not terribly far from downtown, in a decent neighborhood. I really like the fact that it has 2 bathrooms, decent space, and a family room that looks out onto a well-kept back yard that I can let my daughter play in someday.

It EVEN has a white picket fence out front.

I love the yard, and mostly the neighborhood. Brian and I are This Old House kinda people who couldn't withstand a year in a covenant-controlled neighborhood where we had to paint our house a certain color, have our garbage cans in at a certain time, or landscape our yard a certain way.

We're definitely Libertarians where our home is concerned.

What's neat too is that we'll be in the town my Grandmother lived in for 60 years. I sure wish her house had been able to stay in the family, because I would have loved to have bought it. Instead, we had to find something similar and close, and we've done that.

We're still closing on the house in Denver in mid-January when we're there, and a week or so later we should close on the house in Salem.

We can't wait!!

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Teri said...

Congratulations!!!! New blue for you!


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