Sunday, December 09, 2007


We got an offer on our house in Denver last night!

It's so exciting!

I got a call from our realtor last night around dinner time...and the thought that went through my head was "We either got an offer or the house is burning to the ground," and fortunately it was the first.

It's basically a full price offer (of where we're at now since we've come down so much), but they want help with closing costs and to fix the garage door, which we planned to do anyway.

They're pre-approved, and have good credit.

And wanna hear the weird thing?

They want to close in January -- the VERY same weekend we plan on being in Denver!

I get all giddy thinking of having our own house again. I started looking at listings in the towns here in Oregon that we want to look at, and it looks quite affordable.

I want Nora to have her own room! And I can't wait to have my own stuff around me again!

Now, let's pray it all falls into place!


Teri said...


Tammy said...

Ahhhh Jules!!!!! That's terrific!!! I am hoping with all I got that everything falls into place for your family. Nora will get her own room (and you too, lol!) and if you need it, I have some leftover "almost bubblegum" pink (kidding, it's not quite that bad!) for your baby girl's room... because I know how much you LOVE pink!!!! LOL! I am excited and hopeful!

Audrey said...

God's hand at work with your house and closing! Perfect timing there!

I haven't heard much about the storm but so glad that your DH is okay and is staying safe during the storms.

susan said...

I'll cross my fingers that it all goes through! Hey...those Saints out in the yard must have picked it up a notch. Their voices can no longer be ignored. I look forward to hearing about your house shopping here in the near future.



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