Sunday, December 16, 2007

In the Immortal Words of Dana Carvey...

Nora's been sick the past couple of days. She's run a 101.5 fever, and has been generally very fussy when not on Tylenol.

She's had some good times where Uncle Jeff has pretended she's a Mexican boxer (seriously) and he's had her throwing punches (calling her "Nora del Tora" and "calling" the fight) while she grins from ear to ear.

But then, Mommy got her and the wheels came off the bus.

Screaming and crying, she was FURIOUS that I was "only" rocking her.

So then it was Brian's turn, and he took her to the bed and started bouncing her up and down to quiet her.

Then I hear Brian say the Immortal Words of Dana Carvey that has me rolling:

"Wipe my ass and put on cartoons!"

Yeah. That's pretty much what kids want, isn't it?

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