Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Mess O' Nora Pictures

Man, I can't believe how much my girl is growing!

Last night I was going through some drawers and thought I'd better pull out some clothes and see what will still fit Nora, and the little champ has outgrown nearly all her 3-6 month clothes, and is now onto 6 month stuff!

Nora's Auntie Yvette sent her this super-cute Nemo outfit...I remember when she sent it thinking she was WAAY to tiny for it, and here she is, the chunk that she's become, filling it out puhlenty!

And here's our girl with her papa on Christmas morning, smiling up a storm as he reads over the flyer of the house we're buying in Salem, and explaining to her how she's going to have her very own room and her very own back yard.

You'd think Brian had promised her a pony too with that megawatt smile she gave him.

This next picture I took with no flash so it's been doctored so you can see it...Our friends Jeremy and Delois loaded us up with lots of baby stuff, including this Johnny Jump-Up swing thing, and

Nora just LOVES it. She's all about being UP and virtually standing. She has incredible leg strength and likes to use it! (She better have strength in those legs, because they are B-E-E-F-Y).
Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy -- Next came Christmas morning with all the uncles & aunts!

Nora's Uncle John has become a favorite of Nora's, and judging by how much Uncle John got to hold her, she's a favorite of his too.

Whenever we get the family together, Miss Nora gets held so much she doesn't want to be put down after everyone leaves!

And then there was the fashion sense of the Uncle from New York -- Joel and Nora got together on the hat thing, and here they are in all their Christmas glory.

It was so neat to have Joel here...We miss you already buddy.

And here the family is -- just before Christmas presents were opened. Never in a million years did I think a Christmas picture like this would happen for us.

I've spent a lot of times "misting up" as I realize how special this Christmas has been to have our daughter, be among our beloved families, and to be able to be thankful and truly enjoy it all.

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