Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There really isn't much more thrilling than watching your kid's milestones...whether it's their first steps, first words, first run through the water sprinkler...

And Nora has not been anything less than a complete joy to watch grow and change.

Three days ago? She said "Mama", "Dada", and "Baby", and not a whole lot else.

And today: she was talking like this:

Brian was so happy that the past couple of days she's started talking -- she said "water" and "rhino" and a number of other words...

And then he left town this morning, and this afternoon after classes and nap time, I took Nora to the Kids Club and I asked her if we should change her diaper first. I said "can you say "diaper"?" and she said "Diapuh"

So all the way to the kid's club, and to the fountain for cooling off afterwards, I asked her what she could say. "Can you say "store?" "Stoh", she said.

"Can you say "Car?" and she didn't say car, but she gave me the sign language word for car (like you're turning a steering wheel).

"Can you say "dinosaur?" "DINO!" she says back.

Can you say "Barney?" "BARNEY!" I get from her little rocket seat in the back.

I even taped some of it and put it on Facebook...it truly is amazing. In my developmental Psychology class, they were talking about the "naming explosion" that happens with toddlers. One day they're all "dadadada" the next they're trying to say "CALENDAR!" (seriously, she tried to say Calendar with the babysitter today.

Our girl is verbal! Hang back everyone, 'cause the next thing she could be talking about is YOU!

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