Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Talk. I Read. (Just A Little)

Nora had a few surprises for us at the zoo this Friday!
During our climb out of the zoo, we often go past the turtles and duck pond that is on the lower level of the Northwest Trail hike...

Brian said "Look, Nora. Turtles" and she pointed at the turtles and said "TURTLE!"

We were so excited we practically high-fived each other on the spot!

Later, we walked through a water fountain area (it's just a few minutes from the exit), and Nora loves to get soaked there on sunny days. It's kind of funny how many parents stare at us like we're insane to let her get so wet, but we bring a change of clothes and a towel, and she LOVES playing in it...PLUS it was 90* that day.

Anyway, as she was playing in the water, I said "Nora, that's water, can you say water?""

And sure enough, she touched it and said "Wada".

And while our little kid is walking along, she sees things that we didn't even notice...

In the dark descent into the Stellar Cove area of the zoo where the sealions are, there is a dark carpet with the word "LAB" on it.

And she pointed at it and said "A. B."

Of course I didn't see it right away, so I'm looking for what she's talking about, and there it was:

She also knows C, D, and is working on E and F!

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