Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Nora woke up with a 103.4* fever this morning...I'm not sure why, but she did...

It's amazing to me how you can forget your kid CAN get sick it's been so long...what a blessing that is, as I know people whose kids are sick ALL the time, or they have several kids so it just seems to move in waves through their household.

Nora was warm last night before I put her down, so I gave her a little Ibuprofen before bed, and she slept through the night...but woke up on fire this morning. Instead of my plans to take her somewhere cool like the coast or the zoo, we ended up staying home all day.

Brian's been gone all week too, and near dinnertime tonight he called from the road and said he was on the way home. Nora grabbed the phone and aside from the occasional "Hi!" and "DadddyyyY!" into the phone, she didn't say much, but she wandered ALL over the house listening intently to Daddy's voice as she held the open phone up to her ear.

Fortunately we're on one of those cell plans that allow us to talk to each other for free!

After she hung up, I gave her a bath and eventually Daddy came in the door, and the two were able to hang out and do the things they do get the electric guitar out and play together.

She's become a lot more "intentional" in her play, and Brian showed her the volume switch tonight, which of course she turned WAY up...

She loves it best when we're all together at home...and so do we.

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