Sunday, March 29, 2009

She Understands...

We spent the past week at Oma and Opa's house up in Mount Vernon, and on Saturday morning, we went to Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Stephanie's house up in Bellingham for brunch and a few hours to try and terrorize them into realizing how cute kids are, and don't they want to get one of their own??? LOL

OK, no pressure...
But in the midst of all Nora's pathological cuteness, she was sitting on the floor after playing ball with Aunt Stephanie, and Aunt Stephanie tossed the ball in her direction, and Nora watched it come to her, seemingly from the sky.

Aunt Stephanie joked: "That's where balls come from -- the sky," not thinking that Nora would really get it. But all of the sudden, Nora looked skyward with a VERY quizzical look on her face.

She got it.
We had a fun brunch and lots of play time. Jeremy has some African spears on his walls and we joked about how childproofed the place was, you know, considering the pointy spears at child's eye-level and all. :)

Nora had a blast with both of them, and knows them by name and sight now. Thank you Jer and Steph!

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