Monday, March 23, 2009

A Seattle Day

Saturday afternoon Nora and I drove up to Gig Harbor to spend the weekend with her Aunt Jill, Uncle John and cousins Erik and John Michael...

So Sunday morning, we all got up to some rather lousy weather, and we headed up to Seattle to spend a little time with Nora at the Children's Museum inside the Seattle Center.

We spent an incredible amount of time with three adults and 2 teenagers following Nora around the children's museum, where There Is So Much To Do...

At one point I really thought she might go completely berserk from all the excitement!

There was a Curious George special display, which meant Nora had ALL sorts of time mimicking the sounds of a monkey...

...And true to Northwest style there was a nice little "trail" complete with logs to climb through, which ended with a really nice little fake campsite.

Truly, a fun day in Seattle on my birthday!

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