Monday, March 09, 2009

Multiple Choice Photo

a) I can't believe I am running a 100.7 fever ON Tylenol and my mother has gotten me to hold still for a photo.

b) I can't believe my Daddy decided that while I am running a 100.7* fever ON Tylenol that tonight was a good night to be trying on all the shoes I own, while my socks are hiked up to the point of making me look like I wear knickers.

c) My mom is CLEARLY a product of the '80s (and her friends too, for that matter) if they think Vans are cool and that I should be wearing them.

d) All of the above

Thank you Patti for the VANS! Despite Nora's appearance in this photo, she tromped around the house looking quite pleased with her new shoes, once she got past staring at the checkerboard pattern and running into things!

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