Monday, March 30, 2009

Na Na Na...The Girl Gets "NO"

So yesterday after driving all morning, Nora fell asleep around Vancouver, Washington and we kept driving on through towards home.

My mom met us at our house to get a few hours with Nora. After unloading the car and getting most of our stuff put away, we settled in for a little lunch and rest. Brian had already emptied a can of Diet Coke, and it was on the coffee table.

Nora, of course, decides to go for it. Now we've said "No" to her plenty of times, but this time I said "No" and she stopped reaching for it for a few seconds, then did it again, this time saying "Na na na" to herself (without actually touching it!).

She did it a couple more times before we just moved the can out of the way.

Then this morning, she did it again. She reached for something she knows is a no-no and said the same thing.

She gets it!

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