Monday, March 16, 2009

Cute Picture of The Day

Nora and I went over to Jeff & Judy's house to see Bestema and her cousin Mike today...and we saw the rest of the family too!

It was one of those days when Nora slept late into the afternoon, and she woke up and got tossed into the carseat, and basically "came to" with an Elmo DVD playing and her juice about half gone, halfway to Bestema's house.

Once there, we saw Bestema and her cousin Mike, who just flew in from Florida. Mom and Mike haven't seen each other since they were LITTLE kids, and it was fun to meet her! She is the daughter of a great-aunt of mine I never met on my grandpa's side of the family.

Nora had a blast at their house as always. She's getting old enough to understand when I say "we're going to see Bestema" who that is, and doesn't fuss in the car at all anymore.

At about 6 p.m., after we'd been there a couple of hours, Nora's Aunt Judy came home from work. Nora remembers Aunt Judy whenever she sees her, and went right to her, whereas with pretty much everyone else she takes a minute to get the idea of who they are in her head again.

It was so cute how snuggly she was with Judy today! Judy even asked if she might be sick, LOL. Well, Nora'd been running around for quite a while, and was feeling pretty cuddly, and she just sat with Judy for the longest time.

Thanks for dinner! And sorry about breaking something again... ;)

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