Monday, March 23, 2009

I've Seen The Bells, Says Nora...But I REALLY Love Opa!

Nora and I got up to Mount Vernon to see her grandparents for a couple of days, and after a long ride in the car, I thought her Oma might be pushing her luck a bit to get Nora back in the car today to go up for Opa's bell choir rehearsal.

...And she wasn't all together thrilled to get into the car, but I handed her a new book from Oma, and that kept her attention for the short ride up there.

She ran down the aisle at church and immediately locked in on the fact that her OPA, who was JUST EATING DINNER with her what seemed like 5 minutes ago, was now at the front of the church directing all these people!

She went right up and stared up at him with her big smile, and thoroughly enjoyed about 10 minutes of all the action before climbing under the tables and causing enough of an interruption that we had to go!

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