Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Today is a special day.

It's my sister Jill's birthday. She went and saw "Lucy", that 20,000-year-old woman who was found in the Alps somewhere...I gave her a hard time today about going up to Seattle to see her at the museum there. "So, you're going to hang out with someone older than you, huh?"

Yeah. I'm the little sister. At 41 I'm still a pain.

And today is also our son Jacob's due date, in 2006. Though he was born and died months too soon, I always remember this day especially. If he'd been ok, been born on time, we'd be celebrating a 2nd birthday sometime around now.

And of course, it's Veteran's Day.

I know there are many people who believe that us Democrats are anti-war and therefore anti-military, I can't say "NO" loud enough.

I've studied war a lot more than most. I was a few credits shy of a second degree in History from the University of Washington because I have a favorite professor whose Ph.D. was in something like German Military/Warfare (Jon Bridgman for those of you who remember).

I studied war's effects. War's devastation. I still long to see one of the sites of German camps in Poland because World War II is so much more than just a few hours of Schindler's List.

I get the sacrifice, I suspect better than most my age.

I see yellow ribbons and "Support our troops" stickers on cars. And it always passes through my head that I support our troops.

I support our troops coming home sooner rather than later.

I am hopeful that these wars will end soon. I am hopeful that those fighting will be able to come home to their families and loved ones. I am hopeful that they will be able to put their lives back together and have the support they've been promised.

That is all.

Thank you to all those who are serving and who have served.

We appreciate all you've given to our country and the world.

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