Monday, November 10, 2008

Phone Pix

My not-long-for-this-life camera has been missing for several days, so the only thing I've had to take pictures with has been my phone camera. I just realized how many pictures are in there that need posting! Where have we been?

Let's start off with the best's Nora in her new rain slicker that proves she's an Oregonian...Thank you Aunt Julia!

On the darker side of a great box of clothes, came a pair of Barney slippers from Auntie Delois in Denver. Her daughters are 4 & 2, and so they've been unloading box after box of clothes on us as their kids grow out of them. The up side? We rarely have to buy anything for Miss Nora. The downside? Barney slippers show up.

But give Delois credit, they were wrapped in a note that said "Sorry about the Barney slippers, but I didn't want them in my house either."
Nora loves grocery shopping. Now that she's good on her feet, she loves being free to wander the store. We have a tradition now that involves us keeping her in the cart until we're ALL DONE shopping. Mommy checks at the check-out to make sure Nora hasn't pulled anything into her cart (like she did an entire glass jar of pickles once).

After we check out and load the car, we go BACK in the store, where Nora is able to run amok. I take her to the aisle with the diapers and TP where she can't do much damage. Sometimes she gets out. Like the time she saw this display of NUTS!

This picture I titled "Finding My People".

Aunt Mindi and cousin Schane' sent Nora this train the long way home (in Opa's luggage) from Disneyland. Nora and I sing songs with it, and she plays with it constantly. She LOVES to sing! The train track/station game has music like "She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain" and "If You're Happy and You Know It". She loves to clap her hands and is absolutely fascinated with singing and "keeping time" by slapping her legs to the music.

I think she got the Mohr Music gene! YAY!

I LOVE this picture.

Miss Nora likes to lurk around the dishwasher, climb IN it, and of course take knives away with her. "NO!!!!!"

So I've learned to put unbreakables that might interest her on the bottom as quickly as possible.

The other day I accidentally dropped a towel, and as she picked it up, I praised her, so she dropped it back down on the cake pan and started to dry it.

It's kinda freaky to see a kid that small start to mimic you...

Nora likes being anywhere new, with anything new, like most toddlers...

So here she's investigating Daddy's backscratcher.

Working title? "Toddle softly and carry a big stick."
And what would a good day be without discovering the usefulness of TP.

If you ever find yourself wondering why things are so quiet...

And finally...

This is just cute because she's looking AT the camera AND smiling. Two things that are hard to find together.

The little nerd.

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