Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Little Nora Break From My Political Gushing...

Nora and I went to Safeway today...

Brian was coming home, we were out of Diet Coke (he's hooked on it worse than I am) and it was time.

So after spending something in the neighborhood of $100 on groceries....I loaded the car up with food, then headed back INTO the store so Nora could have some time walking around saying hello to a number of things, including what I consider her meeting with "her people" when she met this large display of nuts.
We went home, and Brian headed for the showers.

Nora has this thing about PARENTS in the SHOWER.

She feels the need to BE RIGHT THERE AND WATCH.

This morning she watched me take my shower, and here she is...
moments after HER bath, deciding to drench herself watching Daddy get clean too.

Nora is just so cute watching her Papa. She is so thrilled when he comes home, and she dives right for him.

Welcome home Daddy! You can't even shower alone! LOL

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