Saturday, November 22, 2008

Daddy Time!

BOY Did we have a fun day with Daddy!

Brian, who apparently felt like he'd gotten enough sleep with 8 or 9 hours last night after averaging 5-6 the past week, got up with Nora this morning, and boy did they have a jam packed day of fun!

There was lots of tickle time, chase games, running around, a trip to the park...

And lots of wrestling around on the floor. LOTS of that.

As we changed the sheets on the bed, Nora discovered how FUN it was to be covered in sheets and started squeeling and trying to crawl off the bed.

Of course no day is complete without Daddy doing silly stuff like putting a sock on her hand and watching her try and figure out what happened!

Then tonight was the guitar jam session. The coolest thing about this is how Nora just LOVES to play any instrument.

Lately she takes a book her Oma gave her and presses "play" for one of the songs, and starts keeping a beat with her hands, and FULLY expects us to start singing the song.

I've never sung so much in my life as I have this past week or two.

God help me, I've even sung the @*%&# Barney theme song...

But better times are ahead for you: Here's a vid of Nora and her Daddy plugged in, playing their opening riffs on a jam session I hope goes on forever...

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