Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Moving Forward

I'll cool it on the politics someday maybe, but not today.

There's a smile on my face this morning. I suppose this is how Republicans have felt these past 8 years. Knowing your guy is in the White House (or in our case, our guy is going there) has a calming effect on a person.

I have to say I'm fascinated by the responses to yesterday's elections. The e-mails and text messages I've received from friends who supported McCain have largely been congratulatory and classy.

Still, I know there's a lot of bitterness out there. Some fears of what Obama will or won't do. I've never said McCain was a monster or was a bad person, and I'm surprised by those who have tried to demonize Barrack Obama.

But really? With a wave of my hand and a refusal to "go there", I wave away that negativity. I don't have time for it. As I watched the news last night I realized that the world is a new place today, that it wasn't yesterday.

This isn't about him being Black or hero worship. This is about a mandate for change in direction. About how Obama got people like me to contribute our time and money to this campaign so WE could own it, not the big companies or the DNC.

As people lick their wounds, I wonder what it'll take for them to move forward in their minds. How they need to see the world is a different place, and being protectionist and exclusive isn't going to solve anything.

I look at it this way: It's kinda like getting a new computer at your desk today and you've never used one before. It's not going away. The world has been using one for a long time. The sooner you learn how to use it and embrace it the better. You might find you actually like it!

Now take a moment and look at just SOME of the global reaction.

We made history. We didn't just elect a president, we elected a leader the whole world can appreciate:

Dare to dream...

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