Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chemistry On The Brain

So here's an update on my Chemistry class I'm taking.

One, I got my second midterm back from my Chemistry teacher Monday night...He said the high score was 81/90, and I got an initial score of 75.5. Well, he said to add up the points to make sure his math was good, and I checked and he left off the 8 points on the back page, so I got 83.5, the high score in the class! YAY! The test was horrific...I honestly couldn't have told you if I had gotten a 50 60 or 70, but I didn't expect anything near 80..

Then yesterday I had a quiz...It was kind of hard, but do-able, so it took us all some time. After the two midterms and 5 other quizzes that range from horrible to brutal, Prof. Chad said "I can't seem to write an easy test to save my life. I thought this would all take you five minutes."

To which I said "Well, Chad, you are the one with the Ph.D. in Chemistry."

The class laughed, along with Prof. Chad (who insists we call him Chad, BTW so I wasn't being overfamiliar or anything).

Then I said "sorry to be a smartass, but your tests are HARD!" and from the back of the room, I heard a girl say "Yeah, that's Jules. SHE can't stop being a smartass to save HER life." LOL Turns out she's one of my lab partners who's spent some time with me so we've all sat in the back joking around some during labs.

I got my grade so far and I have 95%. I need an 88 to get an A. So that helps take some of the pressure off the final.

I really didn't know if I would do well since I feel like such a mush brain sometimes. But apparently my excessive studying is paying off. :)

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