Friday, November 21, 2008

A Girl & Her Daddy

Brian worked very hard today -- got up at 4 a.m. and left early so he could get home in time to see Nora for a couple of hours before she went to bed.

As you can imagine, Brian's recent extensive travel for work has been hard on all of us to be separated so much. Nora KNOWS who Daddy is, so if you mention "Daddy" she heads for the door and even tries to open it.

She knows where her Daddy comes from!

Today we sat watching a little tube as we waited the last 15 minutes when Brian said he was on the way. She settled in to an episode of Dragon Tales and as the doorbell rang, I said "Daddy's here!"

We had to unlock the door since Brian didn't have his keys, and the poor guy couldn't get his jacket off or put his stuff down before the priceless grin came, and she all but leapt from my arms to his.


Yeah, I think she knows him.

She climbed on him all night. They played the electric guitar and jammed for a while. He fed her dinner and bathed her while I made a special dinner for him.

It's been hard to have him gone so much. That instant feeling of "all is right in the world" when your family is together is priceless.

Despite her cold, Daddy ran her ragged, and she soaked up every minute of him, and him of her.

We can't wait til next week. With the Thanksgiving holiday, he has Wednesday-Sunday off, and we're almost unsure what we're going to do with that much time around each other!

I think we'll figure something out. But I'm sure a lot of it will involve Dada Time.

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