Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let's Just Say I'm A "Super Fan"

I have a sickness.

It's called TDM Madness.

That's Taco Del Mar Madness.

The very first Taco Del Mar opened not far off of Fairview Avenue North & John Streets in the '90s when I was a cute young thing selling advertising at The Seattle Times.

Since then, the TDM empire has grown and grown, extending into several states, and even reaching Colorado and the northern 'burbs of Denver.

I sense they knew they had me there, and should open a store that would be wildly successful.

Last Tuesday, Brian and I were driving to Lowes to do some shopping for paint for the new house, and for carpet. As we rounded the corner I saw a Panda Express (ugh, my distaste for fast food Chinese is just a whole 'nother post) and I wondered out loud, "You know, what this place REALLY needs is a Taco Del Mar. I mean, I'm going to be LIVING at this Lowe's in the coming months and years. I'm sure I could support it."

And around the corner we went, and there, in all its glory, stood a massive semi truck with an even more massive TACO DEL MAR sign plastered to it.

I about had a stroke, as Brian reported to our real estate agent later that day.

You see, I am what they call a Super Fan. That kind of person who is so over-the-top supportive of something, that it becomes just a tad bit OCD. I probably shouldn't actually get a job at a Taco Del Mar because I'd not only eat all their profits, but I'd very likely scare customers with my excessive enthusiasm.

But that's ok. I mean, all I really want to do is support the cause of the Mission Style Burrito and the ministry of Fish Taco Friday.

And now, I can live in Salem and go to TDM and not commute all the way to Kaiser.

God Bless America.

God Bless Taco Del Mar.


Momma Monster said...

I thought of you when I saw that TDM was celebrating the 15yr anniversary, and wondered if you were celebrating along with them! So glad to hear you'll have one close by.

There's not one here in town, but I do know where one is close by................. :)

MissHelen said...

I'm with you Jules--I LOVE Taco Del Mar too. Thankfully there's one close to my work too, yay!


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