Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cute Picture O' The Day

Nora smiles at Grandma/Bestema.

She's talking more everyday! (Nora, that is)

I have to say there are pictures of Nora that look eerily like my Dad.

A lot of people say she looks like me from the nose down, but through the eyes she looks like my husband.

The weird thing is, when Nora raises her eyebrow on one side, it's something my Dad used to do.

It's like looking into my father's eyes, and it's just plain freaky!

It made me wonder too how my brother Joel would look to his mother if his birth Mom got to see him.

How we each go on in our children...wowie.


tims_mom said...

It IS amazing and creepy and wonderful, that at any given moment, you can see a different relative in your child's face or actions.

I still think that Miss N, is a mini you though!


Teri said...

Let's give her some chocolate covered gummy bears and see if she's like her mommy - the original gummy crackhead.


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