Sunday, January 27, 2008


My sister Jill came down from the Seattle area today and helped me paint my are a few pictures to help illustrate what we got done, but none of it does any justice to the amount of work we did!

The first two pix are of the before/ after of the living room area. The guy who owned it had done a one-coat painting job on a wall that requires 2 1/2 to really cover it. Once there's a new light fixture, new carpet and moulding, I think it'll look better instead of the two-toned nightmare it once was!

We also painted the dining room from a pale yellow to the same taupe, and it looks fabulous!

We also painted the family room a better blue than the one it was before, and converted the master bedroom from a pale yellow (ugh) to a bright blue.

I think the favorite of the days was Nora's room. The old owner had it as a storage area, with a few things including a crappy fake wood mini-blind and plain white walls...
Our family's big on color, so we wasted no time painting it a nice bright lavender.

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tims_mom said...

Look at you guys go! Awesome! Now fly east, and paint my entryway.



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