Monday, June 11, 2007

One Small Step for Jules, One Giant Leap for Bronco Kind...

You can probably imagine how hard it is for me to look at baby clothes and really picture my daughter being here, much less dressed in this or that outfit.

Recently, my friend Delois, who has two daughters of her own, brought up several BAGS of clothes for the first year for my girl. I looked through all of it, and it being the first time, I almost felt Twilight Zone detachment from the whole thing, and couldn't believe I could possibly be looking at anything that would someday touch my child.

Then a few weeks ago, another friend sent over a couple of cute little outfits, and yesterday my friend Wendi gave me two cute little outfits, and a really beautiful little blue sweater.

Now I will admit to this: hard part about knowing I'm having a girl is wading through all the floral, pink, and the worst -- pink AND floral outfits and knowing that I'm going to have to just suck it up because our culture is so obsessed with pink being for girls, and blue being for boys.

I'm more of a RED gal myself. And I'm sure it will surprise no one that I don't wear pink (except that one maternity shirt a friend gave me, and it is OK, this once, temporarily). And it probably won't surprise you to read that I was and sort of continue to be, a tomboy.

So my fear is probably silly, but I can just see it now: my rebel daughter will probably grow up to be a pink-wearing, frou-frou, Republican just to get my goat.

But in the meantime, while she's still in my belly and reliant on me to dress her, I did take a little drive on down to Mile High Stadium today, and bought my daughter a very butch Bronco outfit. One that will make everyone ask me if she's a boy, and I'll be able to say "She's a girl, thanks, but she loves football anyway."

At least for that first year until she can talk and actually tell me "No! No football, Mommy!"

I'm looking forward to that actually.


Sheri said...

LOL!!! What a cute post. I was thrilled to have a daughter and enjoyed dressing her in girly things. NOT PINK though. She wore lots of light blue, RED, black and white and tons of yellow stuff (one of my favorite colors). Now that she's almost 9 and enjoys telling ME what she's going to wear.... it's camoflage or however you spell it. My DUAGHTER loves camo. It freaks me out but I have to pick my battles with her. She loves these camo yoga pants but will pair it with an awesome white t-shirt, necklace and pink sandles so she still looks a little girly. Lord help me.

I'm so thrilled you are having a girl!!!

Amelia's Mom said...

I can't stand pink. Amelia wears lots of lavender as well as light blue and other colors. And it doesn't matter how "girly" you dress her because people see the lack of hair and say, "Oh, what a cute fellow!". So stand your ground and enjoy dressing your daughter however you want. There are LOTS of non-floral, non-pink outfits and remember, you can re-gift the presents and pass along the hand-me-downs you don't want your daughter to wear.

Teri said...

I've got the Republican part handled!

And tell her all the time you LOVE to have her in pink - she'll avoid it like the plague ;)

Nancy said...

Heee Heee Heee. Reading your post was like listening to my sister. She wasn't going to dress her daughter in pink or florals either, and didn't. However now her daughter (age 4) WANTS pinks, florals and heaven forbid HAIR RIBBONS! So, as much as we want to control what our kids, sometimes they get a little independant on us!

Sara C. said...

Oh Jules...

I don't know if you remember, but Abby went through a still going through??? where all she wears is dresses. I HAVE convinced her to wear skorts. Her room is pink and princess and frilly...makes me want to PUKE. Her sister is following in her footsteps.

HOWEVER...among all this pink frilly floral crud...she still loves football and baseball and star, it's not all bad.

Emily's Mom said...

I stumbled into your blog and I love your style. Your feelings as you anticipate the birth of your first daughter really resonated with me, even though my youngest is headed off to college next fall. If you want a sneak preview of what it may be like for you 25 years from now, check out my blog.


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