Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fairwell, Kaiser Peeps

Today was my last appointment with my OB/GYN here in Colorado before our move next week.

We got to take a look at our girl, and if you're a semi-trained observer of the ultrasound image -- you'll see a picture of her alien-looking face on the right as she's laying on her side, two fists in the middle, and the white circle on the left is her abdomen.

We looked for "bits and pieces" again, but didn't find any, so we're fairly sure she's a girl. Don't bust out the pink just yet though.

My Dr. Anita just had a baby of her own, and was very thrilled to see me one more time. To be able to come in with a baby measuring just right and a healthy pregnancy well underway was a thrill for us both.

At one point, I said how surprised I was to finally have a textbook pregnancy, and she said she admired my courage to keep trying after all our losses.

"Trying?" I said. "We weren't trying at all. This baby was made in a wash of Merlot."

I love watching doctor's laugh. They probably don't get to laugh at much during the course of a day.

She gave me a big hug as I left, and we went down to John's office (He's my nurse practitioner/guardian angel) so I could give him a thank-you note and a copy of Jacob's tribute on a CD.

I thanked them both for being so good to us and for all their help.

It is amazing in this day and age how many people I know feel so distant from their health care providers. Or that they never get to see the same ones twice so they don't get any connection.

But for us, Kaiser Permanente has provided us with outstanding docs, nurses and staff who have done nothing but provide us top-notch care and support.

And for that I am truly thankful.


Sheri said...

I am so glad you like your healthcare professionals so much. That in itself makes any trip tot the doctor easier to deal with.

I've really enjoyed reading all your blog posts lately, Jules..... you've done really well.

Amelia's Mom said...

I think she has a pointy chin?! And perhaps Merlot should be considered for a middle name? lol

Tammy said...

Oh Jules... this is just what I needed to renew my hope in most everything. I'm so thankful that you and Pumpkin have gotten good care and that you are doing so well. Yay!

And there really is no way that you can be distant from people when you've experienced what you have together. My sister is seeing that right now too, as she has a surprise pregnancy and her DDoctor is coming in on her mat leave to see her. That is always a good thing to have that connection.

Bless you my friend!


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