Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I (Heart) the DMV

Today was New Subaru Day at our house.

I bought a newer one (a 2000 with VERY low miles) and sold my old one (a 1995 with HIGH miles).

After all the transactions were through, I called GEICO (my insurance carrier, and if you don't have them, you should), and arranged my insurance.

Then I headed down to the DMV.

Now, last time I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles, which is supposed to be a black hole of time and space, I got out of there so quickly (after blocking out several hours of my day for it) that I was sure my Karma debt was quite high, and there's no way I could possibly get away with that a second time.

Well, this time I not only got out of there in no time flat, but barely had to pay anything to do it!

I bought my used car for just over $10,000. At 7.72% tax, I was looking at about $775 in sales tax and licensing fees. It occurred to me to at least ask for a reduction, since we're moving to Oregon in a couple of weeks, and I didn't want to pay the entire tax if I didn't have to.

Well, the lady told me she would write me a 45-day temporary registration, and that I could wait to title the vehicle once I got to Oregon.

How much will that be?

"Two twenty-two" she said.

"Two hundred twenty-two dollars?" I asked, thinking it was steep for 45 days, but still better than $775.

"No," DMV lady said. "$2.22"

Well, I said. I have THAT in my wallet!

I had the lady laughing as I said I thought I surely owed her more than that. I was reaching into my purse and getting a Tic Tac as I said that, and she said "Well, you could give me a Tic Tac. I had a taco for lunch that just won't go away."

So, once again the DMV comes through for me. I paid $2.22 and a couple of Tic Tacs for my registration to get me going to Oregon...but then I feel an odd sense that I should not be leaving Colorado with this kind of luck.

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Carmel said...

That has to be the only postive DMV story I have read! That lady rocks LOL :o)


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