Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jules Gives "Knocked Up" Two Thumbs UP.

I'm a blog-o-maniac today, I know...I can't help myself.

Try spending as much time as I do by yourself (without cable TV) and you find ways to entertain yourself.

That, and I can't do anything that will mess up my house, since it's still being shown (long story short, it's back on the market).

So, I blog.

I went to see a movie today all by myself. It was the first time I've done it for as long as I remember. What was funny was that three of us gals all there by ourselves, ended up sitting next to each other. We were all pregnant. We were all laughing at the movie so hard that we ended up sharing the experience.

So I guess I should say I went to a movie by myself, but ended up enjoying it with people anyway.

The movie is "Knocked Up" with Greys Anatomy's Katherine Heigl and some unknown guy with man-boobs and way too much body hair who will surprisingly enough steal your heart. Well, sorta.

The movie is outrageous in spots, but the cutie who married Phoebe in Friends is in it, along with bit parts of parents played by Harold Ramis (think GhostBusters nerd), and the Mom from Family Ties.

The movie is predictable as to its ending, but on the whole, it is quite funny. The end had us three preggos in tears.

And I must said Katherine Heigl's acting sure surprised me. She's better than what I've seen on G.A., but then I've never given that show much of a chance since I don't like hospital dramas, and I'm saving up a couple of seasons so I can catch up like I did Law & Order when it hits the rerun circuit.

It was really fun to go to a movie by myself for some reason. I guess just because it's always been a date thing, or a friend thing, and there's always that "where do you want to sit?", which always ends up being negotiated out...instead I just plunked myself down by the aisle by the door so I could get up to pee at will, and not worry how much of this little lighthearted comedy I would miss.

And I didn't have to share my popcorn either.

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