Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm a Genius, I Tell You...

OK, maybe I'm not a genius.

Maybe I'm an idiot.

I fell today. Pretty hard, but "just" on my ankle.

It is VERY sore.

Wanna hear how I did this?

I went outside to take care of getting the big recycling bin to the curb, and I got the thing out of its spot, then went up the steps to hit the garage door opener. I thought I'd gone up 2 steps, when I had actually gone up three.

I turned around expecting a few-inch drop, and met with more like a foot. I stepped into thin air, and as I fell, I had that super-slo-mo feeling that simultaneously comes with "oh shit" and CRACK. I landed on my ankle, followed by a knee and both hands.

It actually was quite a nice stunt roll, as I would have chosen to land on my face before I would have hit my tummy.

I thought I broke it for a second. Then there's that lovely rush of adrenaline that makes you feel like you actually CAN get the recycling bin to the curb and be fine.

Then I got back, and realized I needed to lay down, ice and elevate it, which I did.

After talking to the nurse and establishing that nothing was probably broken, since it didn't swell much and isn't purple or out of joint...I'll wait til tomorrow to see somebody. But chances are some damage is done, if nothing else a really good sprain.

It's funny how you don't realize how good you have it til something hurts.

Smart, huh.


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Nancy said...

OH! I did the exact same thing a few months "healed" but it still hurts at times! Try and rest as much as you can (easier said than done!) (((HUGS)))



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