Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two Things That Need Improvement

I've made a couple of observations lately, namely two products in my life that need improvement.

One: Who needs "medium hold" hairspray? Why do they bother? Are there actually people out there who want to have their hair held in one place, only for half the day? Or maybe just not that well to begin with?

As I'm going through my bathroom "decluttering" it before we put it on the market, I'm finding a number of hair products that I've tried, but that have failed me miserably. Instead of tossing them (because they're practically full), I keep them for that day that I might run out of the products I actually use.

I don't care if anyone touches my hair, so if it doesn't look completely shellacked, but it doesn't move either, that's my kind of hair product. I like Fructis Fiber Gum Putty for a gel (maximum strength, thank you) to get my hair to go where it should. But Garnier makes the crappiest hairspray ever, so I move on to the cheap but highly effective rave 4xmega hairspray. Holds it without looking like it's trying.

All maximum strength for me, thanks. I do my hair but once a day, max.

Two: I'm usually not a breakfast person, except when I'm taking prenatal vitamins, I'm forced to eat something before I down the vitamins, so cereal is the best.

LIFE cinnamon flavored cereal is the perfect cereal, except that you feel like you have 30 seconds to eat it before it turns to mush. There's nothing like pouring milk into the bowl and suddenly realizing you don't have a spoon and knowing you've lost that many more seconds of crunchy goodness.

I don't need that kind of stress.

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Cal said...

I am a true Life cereal connoisseur- it's been my ultimate favorite since I was a wee child. In fact, I would go through days eating nothing but Life cereal! And I am here to tell you that you have got it all wrong. The best Life cereal is the end of the bowl when it's nice and soft; when you can squeeze it between your tongue and the roof of your mouth... pure joy, I tell you!


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