Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scary Clean

I'm not a housekeeper by nature. I'm more of a "uh oh, it's starting to look like a tornado struck, so let's clean" kinda gal.

That said, I don't like dirty bathrooms or dirty kitchens, but the day that everything is clean ALL at the same time is a rare one, and it usually involves my husband Brian doing most of the work. Musician that he is, he's naturally a clean freak.

Yes, that was a joke.

But he really is a clean freak and a musician, and it does seem like a contradiction in terms.

Now, Brian left for parts beyond Colorado last weekend, and left me to get the house on the market. I have cleaned, dusted, touch-up painted, done some major and minor construction, and packed about 80% of my life into boxes and shoved them into storage.

As of today, my house is on the market. There's a big sign in the front yard, and here I sit in Pristineville and I'm afraid to do anything except sit on the computer for fear I'll mess up the house.

I'm tolerating my pets. Who naturally are not going to give a blip if I just cleaned this or that...they like to deposit hair and pee wherever they've done it before, with no consideration to all the work I've done.

I hope someone just buys my house soon. I hate living in scary clean conditions.

Who lives like this anyway? Anyone?

And I mean, Anyone who's not trying to sell their house?

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