Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tankini'd Thanks To Auntie Sarah

Aunt Sarah didn't have to buy this for her. In fact she didn't...

But I remember some very sage advice from Aunt Sarah last summer as Nora played around in her one-piece bathing suit. She said (and I'm probably paraphrasing here) "By next summer you're probably going to want to get her into a bikini instead of a one-piece because she'll be so tall anything that fits her width-wise will just give her a big wedgie like it did Odette".

And sure enough.

Today I took Nora to Target, not really planning on buying a swimsuit just yet, but it's going to be near 80 this weekend, and even if we just turn on the hose, we're going to have to have a photo op with her in her swimsuit in the back yard.

So today as I went through the various suits, I heard Sarah's advice playing back in my head, and realized that a 2T one-piece would do exactly what she predicted...

So it's Tankini season around here!

And she's growing up WAY too fast.

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