Monday, April 06, 2009

Park From The Past

I was in kindergarten when my parents moved home from Brazil, and that year I also went to kindy in Salem. So sometimes when I was a kid and visiting my grandma (who lived down on High Street in South Salem), we used to come to this very park to play.

It used to be a crooked house with crooked flooring if I recall correctly. But of course that's probably a health hazard or something now, so it's not quite like that anymore.
I took Nora to the to Bush's Pasture Park today, and parked across from the playground, so we had to cross the grounds that used to be the pasture. Of course, Nora had to run up and down and all over the grass, and of course: chase birds.
The cool house that used to be there has been rebuilt and repainted, but it's the crooked house, with a nice ramp, which Nora had a bunch of fun running up and down.
And just so you understand this outfit: We went to Lowe's first before the park, and Nora dumped the entire contents of her sippy cup onto her new shorts and shirt, which were QUITE perfect for a photoshoot/play time at the park, and these were the only pants/shirt I had in her diaper bag. Striped shirt/flower power pants.

But rather than not go to the park, or worse, not take pictures, we went anyway and decided that all the funny looks from the other Mommies at the park meant they were just jealous that we were that avante garde, or perhaps they just figured I let Nora dress herself this morning...

Who knows.

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