Sunday, April 05, 2009

If We Build It...

Brian and I have been in this house over a year now, and we've had a few things that needed fixing, and a garage and shop FULL of crap that doesn't fit in the house...

I'm quite proud that we've downsized a LOT of stuff from moving from Denver. We used to fill a VERY large truck, and a good half of Jeff & Judy's barn with our stuff.

But since we moved into our small house with the small mortgage, we also needed a smaller amount of stuff.

So we've been crowded in for a while, and several times now I've asked Brian if we could do this or that, or fix this or that, or how about getting to the lawn mower now that it's spring and the grass is growing? And his answer was pretty consistent:

"I could if I had a shop workbench built."

So yesterday we started unloading everything out of the shop space, and this morning the garage was emptied, and this afternoon Hannah came over and watched Nora, who gleefully ran around the yard and sometimes came to see us, all while keeping her away from saws and thumping herself in the head with the 3/4" plywood because she wasn't watching where she was going...

And many hours later, Brian has his work bench, and for some reason, perhaps the loss of all those piles of lumber, and getting rid of a few extra items to Goodwill, the trash and other places...but we can actually walk through both the shop and the garage, and it's not NEARLY as crowded as it once was!

We're both bone tired, but it was worth it! Like Brian said, if he'd been asked Friday if he'd have his workbench built by the end of THIS weekend, he never would have said yes!

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