Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hi Mommy!

This week Linda, our regular babysitter for Nora, called to let me know her elderly mother is near the end, and asked if my Mom could watch her this week so she could spend time with her.

So my Mom, aka Bestema, jumped right in from being away at my sister's for a week to taking care of Nora a few hours a day for the time I spend in class.

Mom said to send her a message when I'm getting towards home, and this is what I came home to today. Miss Nora thrilled to see me drive up!

Nora is understanding so much more each day. One of my favorite things about having her Bestema and other people around her is how each person brings new things to her life. Bestema and Nora spent a lot of time outside this morning exploring the yard, and Mom said "I answered about a thousand "what's this?" questions from Nora!"

Miss Nora has hit the "Whatsthis?" stage, where she points at everything and wants to know what it is. And if you ask her later where this or that is, she is able to point at it quickly. While she doesn't talk much beyond "whats this?", Mommy, Daddy, and of course, "Hi!", she clearly is understanding the bulk of what we say.

She lights up like a Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center when we come home. There really is nothing quite like seeing your kid plaster herself to the glass in glee over your arrival home!

Thank you Bestema, for watching our girl!!

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