Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Sad Day

It's amazing how someone's death can impact you, even when you don't know them all that well.

My friend Patti, who I met last year after moving to town, invited me out for a couple of "First Wednesdays", a downtown Salem tradition that is parlayed into a "Girl's Night Out" for Patti and some of her long time friends.

I got to meet Ginger, Sharrie, and a few other gals. And a couple of times Sharrie's sister Michelle joined us too.

Michelle and I bonded over our NICU experiences with our children. Michelle's son was born WAY earlier than Nora -- I want to say about 26 weeks, and is now 4 years old.

When I met Michelle, she was already fighting cancer -- first breast cancer -- and later she found out it was back.

I knew a few months ago that they hadn't given her much time, so I knew today would come.

And with one little message on Facebook today from her sister, I saw that Michelle is gone.

There are no words to express that will make anyone feel better. I hope wherever Michelle's gone that she is at peace and without pain.

For those who go on, all we can offer is our sorrow at their pain of loss of a wonderful mother, sister and friend.

She had many loyal and true friends who loved her very much, and I think that's the best thing you can leave behind, is a group of people to say "She was loved".

And she was loved, very much.

Hugs to those who knew her best.

Godspeed Michelle.

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